Learn the details and due dates for each payment to be made to the Electrical Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE)

While migrating to the free energy market reduces electricity costs, there are more invoices to be paid every month.

When choosing to join the free market, your company should be aware of the need to follow the different financial routines of the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE), which is the institution responsible for all operations in the unregulated market.

Consumers in the Brazilian free market have to make monthly payments to CCEE on different dates. The payment schedule is published annually on the organization’s website.

How are due amounts calculated and charged?

At the beginning of the month, the energy consumed in the previous month by the CCEE member is added up. In the first day of October, for example, CCEE will add up your consumption in September.

What are the financial events?

-Payment of the Financial Guarantee

- Financial Settlement

- Charge for Reserve Power (EER)

-Associative Contribution

Monthly schedule template

The financial events take place on fixed dates every month, as shown below:

Source: Comerc Energia

When a consumer unit fails to make any payment, CCEE may start the exclusion process to ban the defaulter from the free energy market. Failure to meet payments will also lead to applicable interest and fines.

-Payment of Financial Guarantee

What is this?

The Financial Guarantee was created to bring more security to electricity buy-and-sell operations at CCEE, avoiding defaults that could jeopardize the proper functioning of the Short-Term Market (MCP).

How is it calculated?

 Source: Comerc Energia

If the balance is positive, the due amount must be transferred no later than one business day before the deadline (15th business day of the month).

In case of a negative balance, there is no need for any action, and the consumer will receive the corresponding credit at the time of the financial settlement.

When should this payment be made?

12th business day: the value to be paid is informed
15th business day: deadline for wire transfer of the due amount.

Financial Settlement

What is this?

Financial settlement is the settlement of the final financial balance corresponding to the consumer's energy consumption.

This is when debits and credits are booked, after calculating applicable charges and total electricity consumption in the reference month.

How is it calculated?

 Source: Comerc Energia

When does what happen?

21st business day of the month following the month of consumption: The final balance is informed

26th business day of the month following the month of consumption: Financial settlement of the debts found (consumer pays to CCEE)

27th business day of the month following the month of consumption: Financial settlement of credits found (CCEE pays to consumers who have credits)

- Charge for Reserve Power (EER)

What is this?

With the introduction of Reserve Energy buy-and-sell operations, CCEE is also responsible for representing the different market players, and for assuring compliance with the contractual terms of the agreement signed between consumers and generators.

To this end, CCEE participates in Reserve Energy Auctions and makes the necessary payments from the funds raised through the Reserve Energy Charge (EER). After collecting the due amounts, CCEE makes payments to the generators through the Reserve Energy Account (Coner).

When is the EER due?

8th business day of the month: CCEE informs consumers whether there is any EER amount due

Associative Contribution

What is this?

CCEE is a non-profit organization, and its operating expenses are funded by its members’ Associative Contribution.

The annual amount is divided into 12 installments to be paid via banking slip ("boleto").

How is it calculated?

 Source: Comerc Energia

What is CCEE?

The key activities of the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (CCEE) include recording electric energy commercialization contracts and calculating the amounts bought and sold in the free and regulated markets, as well as the financial settlement of the balances of the buy-and-sell operations in the short-term market.

  • CCEE also calculates and publishes the Price for Settlement of Differences (PLD) and is responsible for holding new energy auctions, as delegated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).

Source: MegaWhat

Which banking account should be used for these financial events?

When migrating to the free energy market, consumers need to open an account at Banco Bradesco's Trianon Branch (0895) to make later wire transfers to CCEE.

The bank charges a monthly fee of R$ 32 for the maintenance of this account.

Important information

-Banco Bradesco is responsible for sending the Financial Settlement Notes no later than 5 business days after the debit/credit has occurred.

-Bradesco also sends weekly current account statements to the email addresses provided by the consumer when opening the account.

-Consumers who already have a Bradesco account at another branch can access the data from their Trianon account via internet banking.

If you have still have questions and need more information about this routine, feel free to contact Comerc Energia.